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We have analyzed the pros and then created this guide to make you nuked up with all the minor & Major tactics to be an insane aimer.


So be chill and here is why?

}- We believe that our training is the best on the internet.
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daily training Assignments for 11 days.

We'll be sending you our exclusive aim assignments daily for 11 days through emails, include custom range training, duties, and an aim lab playlist with other customs that will surely make you fire within a week.

Direct from
amateur to Expert.

An easy guide makes you climb up from being an amateur to be the insane aimer. so you can play as you always wanted.

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People experiences & Reviews.

Guys you all have made my year literally thanks a lot, the whole course was so good and the aim training assignments you all had assigned to us consistently improving my aim, you guys are the best.


Ayush Singh

In beginning, I was bit insecure about this course price but after purchasing this course  I realize that they are giving too much and charging so low, really really happy with the purchase this course has incredibly improved my aim, And I am super happy becz now I am the best aimer among my group. yey


Yash Vashishtha

Guys, this course is so incredible; they have created every video in so much depth and easy to understand and, how could I forgot their aim assignments; it just so excellent, at least for; me to resolve my mistakes.


Harsh Tandon

Ahh, best course till now, Services they provide at such a low price are just incredible and especially those aim assignments were so legitimate, really boost my aim for headshots. again thnx a lot 🙂



I am super happy with the course and want to say that if someone keeps interest in valorant and still ignoring this course then your the biggest dorky of this world. I mean it simple if someone is giving a 60-day money-back guarantee then it must be something incredible.



Earlier i was doubting about this course because of so many things they were providing at such a low cost but the presentation and overall site looks legit so I took the risk and it was my best decision.


Subhan Sait

I think they have dig too much, my experience was nice, and really want to appreciate their explanation process and that’s it. lol


Abhinandan Bajpai

At first, I thought this is clickbait but my Lil brother convinced me to buy this course for him as this course was not so expensive though, so after watching this course me and my brother was exploded, literally, the quality of explanations and overall animations and texts and graphics were just worth it, we are glad that we didn’t miss this course.


Devmani Dixit

The prices are so low and the course is so great, well structured, and easy to understand. 

Satisfied with the purchase.